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Under the heading ‘Academic’ are two sub-headings, ‘Research’ and ‘Teaching’, which you can reveal in the menu on the left by clicking the V-shaped button next to ‘Academic’. Pages filed under ‘Research’ describe some research projects I am currently engaged with, or have worked on; those filed under ‘Teaching’ describe some of the philosophy courses I teach. This page serves as the table of contents, giving an overview of my academic work.



  1. Anscombe’s Thomistic critique of consequentialism
  2. Intention as a psychological state
  3. Intention as a conative state
  4. The alethic and the axiological aligned: on the basic species of reasoning and of psychological state

  5. Review of Alva Noë, Strange Tools.
  6. Articulating vision: Wittgensteinian voices in Murdoch’s Acastos

Other works

  1. French to English translation of Laure Blanc-Benon, “Review of L’Expérience esthétique, by Jean-Marie Schaeffer.”


Courses I offer

  1. Introductory general philosophy (FPE)
  2. Introductory moral philosophy: Mill’s Utilitarianism (FPE)
  3. Introductory logic (FPE)
  4. Ethics (103)
  5. Aesthetics (109)
  6. Medieval Philosophy: Aquinas (110)
  7. The Philosophy of Kant (112)
  8. The Philosophy of Wittgenstein (118)
  9. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (in translation) (132)

Other resources

  1. Teaching philosophy as a humanistic discipline
  2. Notes on how to read, write, and talk philosophy