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Under the heading ‘Academic’ are two sub-headings, ‘Research’ and ‘Teaching’, which you can reveal in the menu on the left by clicking the V-shaped button next to ‘Academic’. Pages filed under ‘Research’ describe some research projects I am currently engaged with, or have worked on; those filed under ‘Teaching’ describe some of the philosophy courses I teach. This page serves as the table of contents, giving an overview of my academic work.



  1. Anscombe’s Thomistic critique of consequentialism
  2. Intention as a psychological state
  3. Intention as a conative state
  4. The alethic and the axiological aligned: on the basic species of reasoning and of psychological state
  5. Review of Alva Noë, Strange Tools.
  6. Articulating vision: Wittgensteinian voices in Murdoch’s Acastos
  7. Knowledge, guidance, and intentional action
  8. Philosophy and language: ordinary and extraordinary

Other works

  1. French to English translation of Laure Blanc-Benon, “Review of L’Expérience esthétique, by Jean-Marie Schaeffer.”


I have been teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, at the University of Oxford, UCL, and elsewhere, for nearly a decade. The courses (or ‘papers’) for Oxford undergraduates studying philosophy that I can teach are listed below.

Oxford undergraduate courses I can teach

  1. Introductory general philosophy (FPE)
  2. Introductory moral philosophy: Mill’s Utilitarianism (FPE)
  3. Introductory logic (FPE)
  4. Early Modern Philosophy (Decartes and Hume) (101)
  5. Knowledge and Reality (101)
  6. Ethics (103)
  7. Philosophy of Mind (107)
  8. The Philosophy of Logic and Language (108)
  9. Aesthetics (109)
  10. Medieval Philosophy: Aquinas (110)
  11. The Philosophy of Kant (112)
  12. Post-Kantian Philosophy (Nietzsche and Heidegger)
  13. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (in translation) (116)
  14. The Philosophy of Wittgenstein (118)

Dissertation supervision

Besides teaching in tutorials and classes, I am prepared to supervise dissertation research on a wide variety of topics in philosophy. As a sample, just during the academic year 2018–19, I have supervised BA and MA dissertations on the following topics:

  • Moorean response to the external world scepticism
  • Marxist critique of the contemporary mental health industry
  • Permissibility of infanticide (compared with that of abortion)
  • Technological memory manipulation and narrative identity
  • Anti-democratic thoughts in Plato and Nietzsche
  • The world-making power of myth (with a focus on Cassirer)

Other resources

  1. Teaching philosophy as a humanistic discipline
  2. Notes on how to read, write, and talk philosophy