[R] Review of Alva Noë, _Strange Tools_

Little devils' tails (Clarendon Building, Oxford)

Review of Alva Noë, Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature (Hill and Wang, 2015).

Published in: The British Journal of Aesthetics 58 (1): 101–5. Available at <https://academic.oup.com/bjaesthetics/article/58/1/101/4595508?guestAccessKey=9d34f5fb-5139-4f29-8fa8-527c788b6664>. DOI: 10.1093/aesthj/ayx009.

This is only a short book review, but hey, it’s my first publication!

As of January 2018, this piece is on BJA‘s web site as one of “advance articles.”  I presume it will eventually be printed in an issue, but I don’t know how exactly these things work, and what the timeline is…

(Update March 2018: this review has now been published in Volume 58, Issue 1 of BJA. The bibliographical information and the link above are adjusted. The review is freely available from the BJA website.)


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