Is making airstrikes on Syria murder?

British MPs have voted in favour of making airstrikes against ISIL in Syria, and the RAF carried out the first set of strikes promptly after the vote. I have not been following the political debate on this. But I am interested in the moral issues that are, or ought to be, involved.

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Retro-proleptic applications of descriptions

Suppose that Ash shoots Bell on Monday by pulling the trigger of a gun. The shot fatally wounds Bell, and Bell dies because of this, on Tuesday. Then, on Anscombe’s view, Ash’s pulling the trigger is her shooting Bell, and is her killing Bell. These three italicised phrases are three descriptions of one action Ash performed (on Monday). Continue reading “Retro-proleptic applications of descriptions”


「功利主義(utilitarianism)」というのは高校の倫理で聞いたことがある人も多いだろう。最も単純で一般的なヴァージョンでは、道徳的に正しい行為は最大の幸福をもたらす(見込みがある)ものであるという見方だ。道徳哲学に興味がある人なら、「帰結主義(consequentialism)」という言葉も聞いたことがあるかもしれない。大学で哲学を専攻している人なら、二つの違いを説明できるはずだ。 Continue reading “「帰結主義」の忘れられた出自”